3 Cancellations in 2 days!?

Ok, trying not to panic but this is getting weird. I’ve been a host for almost 2 years now. Things have been going great…had hit some snags in the past with cleaning & small maintenance issues but my overall score is pretty good & I’ve have excellent reviews consistently lately.

Now, out of the blue, I get 3 messages saying guests have cancelled. With no explanation. The last straw for me was the last notification because it’s a 3+x returning guest, and I know she would give me an explanation.

I know AirBnb can decide to cancel guests at their own discretion, and be vague about it to hosts. I had one couple leave early recently and wondered if they made some kind of complaint (they told me everything was wonderful)

But the strange thing is they’re still allowing new bookings. I am going to call them later today but just wondering if anyone else had experienced something like this.

Earlier this month I had a similar issue but it has seemed to be resolved on it’s own. After contacting a couple of the guests I learned they had cancelled due to a specific reason but did not feel it necessary to me know why they were cxling.

Thank you, that puts my mind at ease though. I still find it a little strange and I’m finding myself more and more suspicious about AirBnb as they’ve done some other shady stuff lately on my account.

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Just had a cancellation because Air showed my listing when the guest searched a city about 20 miles away.
I accepted his reservation and explained where we were. We have flexible cancellation so he cancelled right away. sigh At least he only blocked my calendar for a couple of hours.

Was it for a booking tonight?

No it was for 3 weeks from now. We get mostly one night bookings with people passing through.

Interesting. The only time this happened to me it was a next night booking with few listings left so Airbnb expands the radius of search so they can show a lot of listings. So someone booked my place but wanted the town 45 miles past me. Same deal, he realized right away so my calendar was only blocked an hour or two but when it’s a next day booking that might make a difference. I was thinking Airbnb had improved on that some recently based on my own searches.

I call this the silly season. 3 bookings in a row with guests that, um, took extreme liberties with bookings. Stranger still, the same thing happened last year around this time. Fortunately it passes!

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