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2 recent experiences with Airbnb CS


Both issues ‘resolved’ code for I have moved on to create calm in my brain but just thought I’d share as an FYI. Of course open for you to inform, join the vent or just comment.

Issue 1. I have booked a trip to NZ in
October, including 2 Airbnb stays. (One is a beach house booking with 4 groups of strangers all attending a mutual wedding and all in my name so fingers crossed).

I had 2 $100 vouchers for being a superhost I planned to use for each. First booking no issues. A few days later, made 2nd booking and Airbnb took payment from my credit card, without even checking what payment method I wanted (I didn’t want to use that credit card AND wanted to use my voucher!). Took 5 weeks to resolve, Airbnb had zero insight into it being both unlawful and bad customer service to use the credit card I used on last booking without even checking.

I now roll my eyes as said credit card expired and Airbnb system refuses to allow you to update expiry date or payment method for the second part of the payment due in September. Completely mental. So both the host and I will be jerked around when it declines unless I want to pay it all now. Why should I?

  1. Today I get a request for an inspection from a guest. I palmed then off and stayed (essentially) I have great reviews and no history of issues and would need to speak with Airbnb first to get ‘authorisation’ before considering an inspection. Guest was fine and actually made the 2 month booking within 5 mins of me saying this but Airbnb’s response surprised me. I say this because I understood it was a breach of TOS for guests to request this and host to meet and give our details before a booking. I was hoping if so, they’d give the guest a friendly tell off so I didn’t have to.Airbnb never mentioned this. See their response in image attached



“Ocular visit” - OMG! - let’s reach out to the English language and render it into jargon-laden gobbledegook!


You see, we’re a future-oriented tech company. With all these cutting-edge people on the cutting-edge of the sharing economy, we don’t want to imply that your whole person needs to visit this host; just your ocular apparatus. (Eyes are so 20th century) Send your drone equipped with visual consumption modules to surveil possible listings at any time!


Myk the case manager is probably still learning English hence the odd use of language.

That must be an Australian law. In the US sites save credit cards regularly and charge them automatically. Yes, at some point I had to click a little box authorizing them to do so but in some cases that was years ago. If you check payment methods under your settings on your profile you should be able to update your credit card info or remove a card you don’t want to use anymore.


I have my credit cards saved on most sites I shop online with, which I’m fine with but it’s ptobsbly not the best security. The issue is that Airbnb did not check ‘do you want to use card ending in 999 or do you have a voucher etc’. It definitely is a breach of our consumer law and credit card TOS- you must authorise a transaction first. Also I actually can’t change the card as it simply will not delete a card if it’s attached to any future booking - even if you’ve paid in full and even if you upload a new payment method for security or damages etc. Airbnb is so backward.

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