2 for the price of 1

Just had my guest turn up from Germany - accompanied by a boyfriend…who wasn’t on the booking. She asked if it would be okay if he stayed (in front of me :frowning: ).

Following advice on here…I whipped out my laptop and did an alteration request which she has accepted.

She said she didn’t know he could get time off work (he’s based in London). (funny she didn’t mention he was coming when she contacted me earlier today).

As she accepted the alteration so promptly - should I mention it in my review?




‘I was surprised by an extra guest on arrival who was happy to pay so all worked out fine, however advance notice would have been helpful so I could prepare accordingly’

And then mark down a star for communication and maybe one for house rules


I’m not sure I would unless there were other issues.


If it were me I’d mention it in private feedback and only mention in a review if there were other issues. Though definitely mark down a star or two for communication and house rules.


Yes I’d do the same.

Thanks everyone, it’s great to have your feedback I’ll leave it for private feedback, unless anything else major happens.

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