2 bedrooms, one full bathroom and extra toilet

Readily available 2 bedrooms, one full bathroom and guest toilet. lounge, kitchen. communal swimming pool, 24 hour security. $100 per day.

Meanwood Ibexhill, Lusaka, Zambia

Mostly available 2 bedrooms, one full bathroom with flushing toilet. lounge, coffee machine, and complimentary air for breathing.
I have a baseball bat under my bed. $235 weekdays, $265 weekends. Almost free in winter.

Downtown Traverse City, Michigan, United States.


Is this the extra toilet?

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My mind is boggling (pardon the expression) wondering exactly what an extra toilet is. Extra to what? Or are we talking about a gazunda here?


I have been in homes that don’t have a full bathroom but they have an extra toilet. I’ve been in one where the unfinished basement had one but the rest of a bathroom didn’t exist yet (but could in the future). I’ve also been in a fellow’s workshop where he had just the toilet.

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Isn’t that they call a powder room in realtor speak?

A powder room has a sink. That’s a term I rarely hear anymore. I don’t think it’s that strange that a home would have an extra toilet without the rest of the room.

I’ll take it!

(I bloomin’ will too)

Wouldn’t an extra toilet still have a sink so people could wash their hands? This might even be a planning requirement in some countries or states.

I was relaying what I’ve seen with my own eyes. I can’t speak for every extra toilet the world over.