“15 others are looking at it for these dates”

Does anyone know where air gets those numbers that appear when looking at listings? Is it just how many people have viewed it?

Yes including you…

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I get annoyed with some of the emails I get from Airbnb. I just got this one;
"Show your calendars some love
It looks like it’s been a while since you’ve checked your calendars. Since guests can book available days without requesting approval, updated calendars can be your key to success.
Keeping your calendars up-to-date is a great way to avoid surprises and cancellations, which often come with fees and other penalties."
Well, I did just spend quite a bit of time updating my calendars and pricing for the next year. I have never cancelled on a guest and I find it accusatory and insulting for them to send this to me. The same day I also get this email from them;
"Try adding a discount for reservations of 7 nights or more."
Well, I don’t want guests staying in our home for more than a week so why would I do that at a discount?


Yeah…super annoying!! Why should seven days warrant a discount!!!

Because Air likes money! :wink:

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I really don’t understand people who offer discounts for a week and month long stays. As a host it costs me the same however long they stay. I will need to clean and do linen changes and longer term guests tend to want to cook and use the washing machine so actually cost me more.

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Air’s numbers are totally bogus. I got one that recently that said I had not checked my Calendar in 16 days… strangely enough I have check my Calendar at least day for the previous two weeks. Go figure!

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One wonders goes on their weekly marketing meetings. If I could only be a fly on their walls!

“Oh let’s just send them reminders about how they need to keep our service fees in mind and price accordingly.”

(Never mind that doing so means hosts are also paying the guest service fees!)


“every other platform offers a cooling off period. Let’s do that too… but first we need to make it optional and give a few lame reasons about why it’s beneficial. Then when we make it permanent they will already be used to the idea, poor saps.”

What other ideas do you think are tossed around in marketing meetings to try to increase profits and get hosts to lower their prices (so more guests book-- it’s about quantity, not quality!!)?

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Funny, they never responded after they urged me to become “busy ready” and I asked them what they suggested I do with my dogs – have them taxidermied?

If you have a room with no kitchen and laundry that is separate like mine it’s a consideration. As it is, I have 80% one night stays. I spend an average of 30 minutes per turnover not including waiting on the laundry. So if someone stays 7 consecutive nights that saves me 3 hours of work and 6 days of laundry on turnovers alone. It saves me changing the lock code and sending check in emails.

There could be other considerations like the people here for work that I discounted because they were going to be here while I was gone and would have otherwise gone with no booking whatsoever. @Yana loves the long stays. There are so many variables that your situation doesn’t apply to many others.

That makes sense. I don’t take one night bookings either, too much hard work.

I guess I am fortunate that I get enough of the sort of bookings I want.


I take one to three nighters in low season or as fill ins in high season.

We take one nighters during the week. Things are so slow right now I’m thinking about taking the requirement off for the weekends too.

That’s true I do. But in my situation there is not even difference in price. During summer to get any bookings I had to reduce price to 40$. Long terms pay 275$ a week. It’s exactly the same minus 5$ if I rent it by day . I did 7 rooms nightly for 2 months and it was super hard. I didn’t leave house at all . I had no life. Then at the end of October finally all was rented longer terms and my work ended.

Now I during season I rent for 50$-60$ a day but there is no way I would hve more than 80% occupancy . So again it comes to almost the same money if I rent it long term.