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11 night stay - should I replace linen and sheets during the stay?

I had guests for 2 weeks and I asked them whether they wanted a full clean and change of linens and towels half way through, but made it clear that there would be a charge. They declined. There is a washing machine and a tumble dryer in the apartment, so they can clean the towels and sheets for themselves if they want to.

One guest stayed for 3 nights and complained that the cleaner didn’t come in every day to make the beds! So now I include in the instructions that the cleaner only comes at the end, but if anyone wants daily cleaning or half way through cleaning, I will arrange it, but on payment of an additional cleaning fee. In the end, no one has taken it up.

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I just got a 16 day booking and before accepting it I made them accept there would be a general clean within 7 days (beds, bathrooms etc.) for the same reasoning. Also to protect the bedding from getting too dirty.

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