$100 taken back by AIRBNB?

I used to have a $100 credit coupon from AIRBNB for being a superhost - i never used it due to Covid and it seems to have disappeared - am i correct in thinking they have expiry dates ? A bit mean of AIRBNB if your looking guys !!!

Yes, they expire in a year from the issue date. I’ve actually had 3 of them go to waste over the years as I couldn’t travel.

One thing you can do is connect with other hosts and make a booking that you never actually show up for. Then at least that $100 goes to someone and doesn’t get wasted. And they can do the same for you.


Thanks for responding so quickly.
Good idea too - at least someone benefits that way - previously i had professional photo’s done which looked good.

I’ve never done that myself but I should have. I know quite a few other hosts I could work that with.

The thing is, since a voucher can only be used for one booking, you kind of have to work it out beforehand, so the total price with the fees doesn’t work out to more than the voucher, nor fall way short so there’s a $40 difference that just disappears.

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I know a few people think airbnb has people who read this forum but I seriously doubt it. But in any case if you want to tell them then just post it on their Twitter and Facebook accounts or use the Send Feedback option on airbnb itself.

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Ah the crafty will tell their co host to up their nightly rate to a snip under $100 after all fees on the night “booked”.
Is it possible to be one step ahead of AIRBNB i wonder !

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As a post script to this I suddenly got notification from AIR that my $100 had been extended until 31 DEC 2021 so maybe they do read this !

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No, they don’t read this forum. They probably had thousands of irate calls from hosts about it.