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100 guest (reviews)!


I finally got my 100th review:

“Unless you are the one who must sleep in a fancy environment, this is good, or decent at least”


He still gave me 5 stars (and it’s just our porch, which is decent), so I’ll take it.

Meanwhile, I’m actually staying at my first Airbnb this weekend. Got to talk shop a little bit with the host, and that was cool. My kids played with her kids, it was lovely.

I will, of course, be giving them 5 stars and a nice review. :sunglasses:


Congratulations! I thought you stopped hosting for fear of NYC legal battles!l. (I am a couple reviews away from 100 myself.)


I just can’t quit Airbnb. :wink:

The city council just passed a new law that may require us to cut back- I’m just having trouble finding the actual content of the law and when it goes into effect. We’ll finish out this summer but i am kind of hoping we can get my sister to move in by next summer, which would keep the Dept of Buildings off our back but still help with the mortgage.

These are definitely not simple hosting times. :wilted_flower:


Congrats! Once De Blasio signs the law into place it takes about 6 months to start cutting down. Unless Airbnb makes a deal with the city like they did San Fran and automatically scrap listings not following the law. I think New York host has time but it’s definitely time to start thinking about alternatives for next year. I’m going to host students for 1-3 months at a time.


I thought of that the other night, but i wasn’t sure how to find them. Have you done it through an agency?

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